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Update 14 January, 2021

Winter Session Announced!

$15 drop-in, $55 4-week, $100 8-week
4- and 8 week session registration grants access to 2021 class videos via YouTube.
To register, email KCDCDanceStudio@gmail.com


Learn the basics of FCBD® Style in a nurturing and supportive environment and you'll be dancing your very first class!


You will learn the basic movements of FCBD® Style, which are the foundation for every other movement in our large vocabulary. You will learn how to use these movements to dance and communicate with your partners in duets, trios and quartet formations.


This class is open to ALL LEVELS for drop in and review, drills and foundational refinement.

2/7 - Dance Fundamentals, Level One FCBD®Style

FCBD® Posture and the basics 

Fast: Egyptian Step, Arabic Step, Pivot Bump, Shimmy

Slow: Taxeem, Floreo


2/14 - Dance Fundamentals, Level One FCBD®Style

Review Week 1

Expand: Egyptian Step w/ half and full turn, Pivot Bump with arms 1 & 2

Add: Arm Undulations



2/21 - Dance Fundamentals, Level One FCBD®Style


Expand: Shimmy

Add: Zils!, Torso Twist



2/28 - Dance Fundamentals, Level One FCBD®Style


Expand: Arabic Step

Add: Body Wave, Reach & Sit


3/7 - Dance Fundamentals, Level One FCBD®Style


Add: Propeller and Corkscrew turns, Box Step


3/14 - Dance Fundamentals, Level One FCBD®Style


Add: Single Bump, Double Bump


3/21 - Dance Fundamentals, Level One FCBD®Style


Add: Circle Step, Reverse Turn, Chico Four Corners


3/28 - Dance Fundamentals, Level One FCBD®Style

End of term - Review/Flow

Update 14 July, 2020
Due to COVID-19, KCDC Studio is not offering in-person classes or workshops,
Virtual classes will be announced when available.
Registered students have access to supplimental instruction videos on YouTube. Contact us for more information. kcdctribal@gmail.com

Follow us on Facebook for the most current updates!


Performances are available for weddings and parties (sorry, no stag/bachelor/male-only parties). In the interest of the health and safety of our dancers, as well as party guests, social distancing stipulations and special accomodations may apply.

Virtual private lessons are available by appointment.


Older News

(from our Facebook page)


Hey all! Tasha-Rose here...

You have probably noted for quite some time that I have been absent of class work and performing. I have had a few life changes and a bit of issue with my RA as a result of a medication I was on when pregnant with my youngest, Henri. This has all made me have need to step back from dance for the past couple of years. In that time there were a lot of changes with FCBD that caused me to make the decision to break with the dance form formally (though I do still love it entirely in its art form) and to no longer be recognized as a Sister Studio.

I am now at a place personally and professionally that I am moving on from dance almost entirely, save for an advisory role in KCDC. My personal and professional goals have shifted to center my family even more and my feminist activism and writing.

Of course KCDC isn't going away! Donna has taken on leadership of the troupe and classes, and has been working hard to keep KCDC Minnesota's leader in ATS. As a result, I am excited to announce that Donna is the new owner and director of Kamala Chaand Dance Company. With that, KCDC remains Minnesota's PREMIER FCBD Sister Studio and American Tribal Style dance company dedicated to the art and style set in place by Carolena Nericcio.

Donna has been dancing with KCDC since 2012 and received her Sister Studio status two years ago.

I am excited to see the direction Donna takes the troupe. She has been training some really solid dancers and is of course rooted in the original KCDC style.

It's been my joy dancing ATS and leading this troupe. We have had so many brilliant dancers flow through our ranks, one who joined us all the way from Poland, and have at one point three certified Sister Studio teachers in troupe. We have gotten to share the stage with dancers from all over the world, host an incredible dance event with world class instructors, and of course lead the ATS charge in the great state of Minnesota. When I started ATS 13.5 years ago, I never thought it would give me so much. I never thought it would enable me in part to become the woman I am today.

I am grateful to all of the students I have had over the years for helping me become a great teacher, and teaching me the art of confidence. I became the teacher I always wanted to be: the one who seeks to see students become better than the teacher. I am grateful to my husband who encouraged me when things were really difficult and I wanted to throw in the towel and give up. I am so grateful, for the rest of my life, to my teachers, Cassandra Shore and Carolena Nericcio. Thanks also goes to the myriad of teachers I have gotten to workshop with over the years as well. Lastly I am thankful to my troupe and most especially Donna. Donna has been my right hand for the last number of years and I came to depend on her like no one else because of her ability to give the counter view, or just to take the reins from time to time so I could manage the troupe even better. STTWC never would have happened without her. KCDC wouldn't still BE without her these last two years. You're in good hands, KCDC. I wouldn't trust you to anyone else.

Whenever I started a new series, I always told my students the reason I was teaching: because women hate each other. From the moment we are born we are conditioned to hate one another and guise it with "sisterhood." The reason this dance appealed so much to me was because when we are in the midst of dancing with 2-4 women, we don't have time for that. The only thing we have time for is to be connected to one another in a way that only women can be... and it's magic. Ego is shed. Cultural conditioning is shed. Negative self talk is shed. All we are worried about is the flow, or as Carolena called it, the Divine Subconscious. The flow is feeling the music, catching the cues, taking the lead, dancing the circle, following, magic.

Make art. Make magic. Dance.

I love you KCDC.




KCDC,Inc. is doing some heavy reconstruction.

Tasha-Rose will soon be taking a hiatus in order to work on a lot of really huge administrative tasks that need to be done. We are also working on partnership paperwork and all that jazz.

As such, the roles of the three teachers at KCDC,Inc. are changing.

Tasha-Rose will maintain controlling ownership and take on the title of Artistic Director
LaDonna will be stepping into the role of Managing Director
Breana will be stepping into the role of Assistant Director.


Tasha-Rose will still hang around the studio at least once a week, but is planning at least a six month hiatus to get some heavy lifting done, have a baby, and re-center.


KCDC,Inc. is altogether switching focus. While we are remaining dedicated to being the only troupe in Minnesota to be committed to the standard of ATS® and will not be performing other styles of dance within the company, we are also working on the roots. There is a commitment of all troupe members this coming year on heavy study of all things Masha Archer as well as influences of other dance forms within the context of ATS®. As instructors, we are also honing our workshop offerings to provide a more thorough understanding to our students of the components of movement that take dancers from great to excellent.


Expect a lot of changes in the next year or so of KCDC,Inc. We are moving forward in style and grace and are excited to have all of our students and fan-base with us along the way as we grow and expand in so many ways.


As ever... thank you.

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